A day in the life of a REALTOR

A crazy closing…

  Today was an interesting day. We had a final walk through scheduled last week for today @ 2 with our closing right after. I was told by the sellers agent that her client would be moving out over the weekend and did not want us to come while they were moving out, thank God we waited. As we arrive to the property today we see they are still moving stuff out and there is newspaper, potting soil, and rocks all over the ground by the front door. I ask if they are almost done and was told they just had 2 chairs to remove from a closet. We head into the property and see they have left a bunch and I quote “bunch” of items in the home from cleaning products, baby bottles in kitchen sink,  pictures, food in the pantry, and even furniture. A male walks into the property and I let him know that the items need to be removed and he looks at me like I’m crazy. As we head upstairs we see  more items my client does not wish to own and the sink has not been fixed as our inspection agreement states, not going well at this point. I call the agent to let her know we have a few  issues.  She calls me back and I tell her this is not acceptable and that all items need to be removed from the property including the items by the front door and the sink is not fixed. She actually disagrees… REALLY! She tries to inform me that the purchase agreement does not state that they have to remove all items out of the home… yes, she really did this. I’m amazed that we are having this discussion, this is her clients property and my client does not want it, your trash is not always someone elses treasure. As it turns out they end up removing all items, but this transaction has left such a bad taste in my buyers mouth that she will probably not be looking forward to upgrading one day.  Sellers,  please use this as a lesson… don’t leave your unwanted items in a home because you do not feel like moving it. Not cool at all and this almost cost those sellers a lot more than it did.  If you wish to leave items behind just ask the buyers if they want it, don’t assume they do… they may, but they may NOT.  We did get this transaction closed, but instead of a 1 hour closing this one took 3… all because someone thought they were being nice.

 Happy Monday all… good night!


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