About Me

Hi, I am a REALTOR® in the Baton Rouge area and I started this blog as a way to grow my business. I ventured into this career because I love people and enjoy socializing. My 3 teenagers have welcomed my career and it has fit into our lives well. We are a busy family and often running in different directions, this gives me the flexibility I need as a single mom. Not only do I sell real estate “full-time”, but I am also a certified AEA Water instructor as well as a Schwinn Cycling Instructor. I teach several days a week at a couple of gyms here in town. I started teaching fitness about 11 years ago after I moved into the Baton Rouge area and just fell in love with my students so much I can’t give it up. These two careers have been a great mix and given me the ability to work as much or little as I have needed at different times in my life… I am blessed! Not only will I discuss real estate here, but I plan to touch on life in general in the Red Stick. As I said above, I love health and fitness so don’t be surprised to find some of that here too. My goal is to have a little something for everyone… wish me luck!


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