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I must admit the holidays took a toll on the real estate market for me here in Baton Rouge, but it’s looking up. As most REALTOR®s can agree, buyers typically become scarce around the later part of the year which makes selling a home a little tough during the holidays. The end of the year was fast approaching and most had other things on their mind… Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, family time, vacation, money, more money, and again…money! How to “survive” the very expensive holidays does not usually include buying a house. However, as the year has turned so has the market. The phones are ringing again and the stress of the holidays seem to have passed. I personally am glad the craziness is over and the norm of life is back. Looking forward to a busy 2014!


Busy day @ CB ONE

Cheers to a new year


Healthy Snack

Banana & peanut butter make a great filling afternoon snack.


For an even healthier choice choose all natural peanut butter and

only use half of the serving size (1 tbsp)… great on apples too!

No one said you had to eat the “whole” fruit in one serving ;). Enjoy!

Salad in a Jar

I saw this great idea on facebook and decided to try it… love it, really works.

salad in Jar

Welcoming a new year… 2014

2014 Comes with new opportunities and unlimited possibilities…
As the new year turns so does our focus, hopes, and dreams. Each of us can look back over the last year and see the hills and valleys our lives have traveled through, many of us are glad it’s over and eagerly looking forward to what 2014 has in store for us. As the pages of our lives turn so do the opportunities that come and go our way. We often look back over our lives with regret of missing out on something… traveling, job offers, new house, new friends, opportunity to encourage someone, or simply not saying whats on your mind. All of these missed moments are just that, missed moments and they limit us in one way or another. My personal goal for this year is to take advantage of the opportunities that come my way, experience all of them… even the ones we think are not blessings at the time, you never know what the end result will be. I challenge you to do the same, new year and new opportunities with unlimited possibilities…Happy New Year!

Buyer’s Remorse?

Combat buyer’s remorse
Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Works

Most consumers are excited after buying a home and eager to begin personalizing their new property to their tastes. But owning a home is a large responsibility, and some individuals become nervous after the sale is completed and begin to have doubts about their new investment. Buyer’s remorse is a common occurrence after making such a large transaction, but just because individuals may have some reservations does not mean they made the wrong choice.

There are several benefits to owning a home and consumers who are regretting their purchase can overcome these feelings by adopting a new mindset about their new house.

Address the source of the problem

One of the first steps new owners should take when they’re feeling remorseful about their decision is to address why they feel the way they do, according to AOL Real Estate. Buyer’s remorse can occur for several reasons, ranging from dissatisfaction with the layout or features of the home to stress over mortgage obligations. By knowing which aspect of the purchase is making them nervous, new homeowners can find solutions to their fears.

Take action

There are several ways to overcome buyer’s remorse, and many of them just require a change in a homeowner’s mindset. For example, individuals who are flustered by the financial obligations associated with owning a home may be looking at the costs as a burden. However, taking time to think about the positive financial aspects of homeownership, such as building equity, strengthening their credit and bolstering their retirement, can demonstrate to homeowners that their purchase will work to their advantage in their futures.

In cases where homeowners are dissatisfied with the tangible features of their home, it’s important to design the house to their tastes to make it feel more personal. For example, some consumers may think rooms are too small and fixtures are too old. But knowing how to decorate and paint to maximize space, and replacing fixtures and appliances to give them a fresher feel can make new buyers feel at home. In addition, homeowners should remember that there is nothing about their home that must stay the same. Individuals may want to spruce up the house by upgrading the floors in their living room or counters in their kitchen. Even the most modest improvements can give a room a new look.

Market Moving? Maybe…

Well well well, long time no see :). I have been very busy working with buyers and sellers these past few months. Our market here in Baton Rouge has seen a turn for the good. Personally my listings don’t seem to be sitting quite as long as I have seen in the past. After speaking to other agents in my office and around town the feeling is mutual… business is picking up!

Halloween Safety Tips

Keeping kids safe this Halloween
courtesy of safe kids worldwide

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